Artist Statement

My art is captivatingfull of exclusive, distinctive symbols of my personal, most intimate thoughts on the issues, heartache, and enjoyments life has onto the world and my personal life. I’ve been inspired mostly by Basquiat, Keith Haring, Neckface, Warhol, and Picasso for their astounding design of abstract art, but, also, as a whole, my friends and family around me who have pushed me and supported me to continue my passion.

     I am always envisioning new zestful, vibrant ideas and eager to apply those concepts to a canvas. When I paint or draw, I use a contemporary, abstract style to mesmerize and fascinate. I only use the best paint, Old Holland, and premium supplies to show my dedication to my craftsmanship. 

     My work thus far has been displayed in galleries such as Daniels Center for the Arts, Multiple Forest Hill Facility Exhibitions, and dozens of various local events. I strive to be acknowledged as a Master artisan.



Hello there! My name is Kevin Klix and I’m twenty years of age. I’ve been doing Art well over fourteen years now. It all started at the age of five  I can vividly remember waking up early in the morning at 6 a.m., just to watch and learn on the television, about how to watercolor and make landscape paintings by Bob Ross. I’ve always been so fascinated and intrigued with picture-making ever since then  creating things that are beautiful and interesting.

     As I got more into elementary school, I began to gain recognition for my Art and won second place in the adult division of ArtiGras at nine years old. I eventually got accepted into Bak School for the Arts. From there, I went through a phase of depression, because I didn’t like the atmosphere that the Art class created. I felt out of place; I couldn’t establish a foundation around the students and teachers. Unnecessary-competition and Art was constantly being shoved down my throat  It was no longer fun to do art anymore.

         During my days in high school, I decided I didn’t want to further continue Advanced Art classes at Dreyfoos High School of the Arts, because I was worn out from the tedious work given, so I made a move to a public school where I ended up doing unusual cartooning from time to time. I then decided to pick an extracurricular Art course, for credits, and was placed in Art/Drawing One. Two weeks in, my art teacher in that class concluded that I was no longer able to attend her class, because, ”It is unhealthy competition for the other students.” 

    From there, I was placed in AP Art where I was preparing myself for the CollegeBoard Art exam. I ended up scoring flawlessly, and rediscovered my true passion in life. I was now awakened from the dreadful spell that was casted upon my dark, adolescent soul as a depressed teenager  The clouds were beginning to clear in the sunshine state.

     I’ve currently made Art a big part of my life, and it helps me cope with all and any of my struggles. I hope to become a revolutionist with my art, and become one of the masters. I’m experimenting with everything in Art, in order to become an original craftsman — to create my own style of art. I hope to master techniques such as Cubism, Pop Art, Expressionism, and etc. In time, my work will inspire and, hopefully, become revolutionary. But as of now, I want people to enjoy the art I make for the time being. Until, of course, I eventually make my own, so-called, “ism” in the Art world.